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Green Energy Exhibition

Our world is changing and we need to change with it or face increasing temperatures.

Hot Air Balloons run off propane and have limited impact on our climate.

Fossil Fuels, Carbon and the use of energy produced by burning these fuels will continue putting our world and future generations at risk.

The Green Energy Exhibition was created to educate and enlighten members of the community about options to help improve our climate and become more independent and less reliant on existing resources, all the while utilizing resources that have been available since the beginning of time.

The exhibition a 4,000 sq ft space at the Pahrump Balloon Festival will bring together members of the community, product manufacturers and experts to talk about products that will help in Solar, Wind and Hydro-Electric applications.

For more information or to get vendor space call our office at 888 - Solar-11  you can also contact Dru Benn the Regional Marketing Manager at 972-513-5293

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